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How to get started:

  • You will need to install MATLAB on your computer. If you're at the University of Virginia, then you can follow these links for installation help:

  • Once MATLAB is installed, you will need to install xolotl. Although xolotl is written in C++, the program is designed to run in the MATLAB environment. To install xolotl, follow these instructions:

    • Installing xolotl:

    • Downloads:

      • (link)

      • (link)

      • xolotl.mltbx (link)

      • (link

    • If MATLAB, MATLAB Toolboxes, and Compilers have been installed, watch all the pop-ups and wait until the interface for xolotlAPP pops up.

    • When you open up MATLAB you should be able to run runXolotlRun.m to complete the exercises.

 Follow this link to the exercises.​

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