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 Get Started and make sure initial conditions are correct

  • Type runXoltolRun in the Matlab command window.

  • Select Exercise Four button.

  • Start simulation with the following conditions:

    • ​With an excitatory synapse.

    • Synapse conductance: ~100.

    • Synapse Tau (sec): 5

    • Current for Neuron A: 3

Please complete Exercise Four:

Here, you will look at two neurons. Neuron A is the presynaptic neuron, whereas Neuron B is the postsynaptic neuron. You determine whether the synapse connecting Neuron A to Neuron B is excitatory or inhibitory. 


You also control the strength of the synapse with the conductance value and the duration (i.e., decay) of the synapse with the tau value. The current injected into Neuron A determines how many action potentials Neuron A will fire. 

Once you run the simulation, you can also find the xolotl puppeteer. You will use the puppeteer on later questions. The puppeteer controls:

  • neuronB.AlphaSynapseneuronA.E (under the Reversal Potential tab)

    • This slider controls the reversal potential of the synapse.​



3. Each action potential in Neuron A generates an event in Neuron B. What is this event in Neuron B called?
7. What is the event in Neuron B now called?

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