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 Get Started and make sure initial conditions are correct

  • Type runXoltolRun in the Matlab command window.

  • Select Exercise Three button.

  • That's it, nothing else.

  • When the simulation pops up, you'll use the xolotl puppeteer to control the simulation.

Please complete Exercise Three:

In this exercise, xolotl automatically injects enough positive current to generate an action potential in the recorded neuron.

Find xolotl's puppeteer. It's a pop-up menu called xolotl::manipulate. Once found, go to the Reversal Potentials tab on the puppeteer. Therein, you'll find the following controllable sliders:

  • neuron.NaV.E

    • This slider controls the reversal potential for sodium.​

  • neuron.Kd.E

    • This slider controls the reversal potential for potassium.​


4. Check all terms below that can be used with "reversal potential":

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