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 Get Started and make sure initial conditions are correct

  • Type runXoltolRun in the Matlab command window.

  • Select Exercise One button.

  • Set initial conditions:

    • Number of Inhibitory Channels: 1​

    • Number of Excitatory Channels: 0

Please complete Exercise One:

After you run Exercise One, you should see a plot that shows brief downward deflections over the course of a two second recording.

Each downward deflection represents the change in the neuron's membrane potential during a brief opening of an ion channel.


1. What is the neuron's membrane potential prior to channel opening?:

2. Approximately how large is each channel opening?
3. How variable is the amplitude of each channel opening?
5. How variable is the duration of each channel opening?

7.  For this question, re-run Exercise 1 (runXoltlRun), but now add an additional inhibitory channel (for a total of two inhibitory channels).

Approximately what is the amplitude when 2 channels are simultaneously open?
8. Relative to single channel openings, how frequent are double channel openings?

10. For this question, re-run Exercise 1 (runXolotlRun), but now run the simulation with a total of 50 inhibitory channels and a total of 50 excitatory channels.

Thanks for submitting!

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